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Soon your favorite restaurant, cafeteria or caterer can take advantage of and make available Mediterranean Harvest For Life food selections and healthy eating solutions.

And you'll be able to order your favorite foods through a convenient APP -- to improve your health, to enable tracking your healthcare improvements, to cut your healthcare and health insurance costs, t0 reduce your weight, and tp add years to your life.

Plus you'll be able to actively participate in and learn more about the UN Sustainable Development Goals -- deemed "17 Goals To Transform Our World." These goals include enabling wellbeing (SDG 3.4); improving the environment and climate (SDG 13); assuring more responsible consumption and production (SDG 12); and helping support the reduction of hunger and poverty worldwide (SGS 1 and 2). Ideally, you'll also be able to support food waste reduction and farm-to-table dining (SDG 12).

If you're interested in this exciting new MHFLAPP, please let us know by providing your contact information in our contact form. We'll reach out to you when the APP becomes available.

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