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Feel good... look good... eat good... enjoy life more... enjoy more life!

Get more enjoyment out of eating. Get the nutrition you need for the best possible health. Get back into that outfit. Get more joy out of life. Get more life to live. And give yourself and others the insights and resources needed to migrate to healthier living. Introducing the Mediterranean Harvest For Life® (MHFL) dietary regimen.

Affirmed by noted university nutrition scientists for its potential to impact health, the MHFL dietary regimen blends great tasting foods with resources to help people switch to the healthiest possible style of eating.

Mediterranean Harvest For Life® is based on the Mediterranean-style eating that's been proven to combat most major health problems: Alzheimer's disease; arteriosclerosis; asthma; birth defects; cancers; COPD; diabetes; heart attack; high blood pressure; high cholesterol; metabolic syndrome; obesity; Parkinson's disease; peptic ulcers; rheumatoid arthritis; stroke; and more. Mediterranean-style eating can even help reverse some adverse health conditions.

In fact, the well-regarded WebMD website cited a top physician who called the Mediterranean diet "a divine mix"... wherein
God knows what sorts of interactions take place within the foods, and we need further research to pinpoint them exactly".

Study after study shows the tremendous health impacts and support for losing weight available through Mediterranean-style eating.

Deciding what to eat in order to eat well is made easy by a MHFL Trapezoid of qualifying food selections; a Healthy Eating & Living Plan (HELP); healthy recipes; and more.

MHFL has been engaged to support numerous community initiatives and can provide valuable resources to help organizations improve health


No other healthcare strategy, institution, medical procedure, technology, prescription drug or insurance plan has been documented in research to produce as much benefit as Mediterranean-style eating. That's a FACT! It's been documented in longitudinal study after study as having the potential to help avert as much as 10-30% of virtually every chronic illness. It's been shown extend life two to three years when engaged later in life -- and as much as 15 years when it's part of a change from very poor dietary and lifestyle habits earlier in life! It's truly a "cradle-to-(keep-you-out-of-the)-grave" solution! In fact, 11 top physicians had petitioned Great Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron to bring Mediterranean-style eating to the forefront of their country's healthcare policy. Given this, shouldn't MHFL be in the forefront of both our healthy-living and healthcare strategies.

Mediterranean Harvest For Life has developed valuable support tools, based on extensive research, to help people and communities migrate to healthier eating. Tools include:
  • MHFL rapezoid identifying healthy foods to eat and to avoid to help people migrate to a new, healthier diet
  • MHFL Research documenting the tremendous health impacts of Mediterranean-style eating from longitudinal study after study
  • MHFL HELP (Healthy Eating & Living Plan) offering tips to help people eat right, for optimum health and improved lifestyles
  •  MHFL Nutrition Facts, documenting nutrients and calories per gram in various foods to help people select foods that will help them feel full without filling out
  • MHFL Recipes that people have enjoyed while migrating to healthier eating. (A cooking and menu creation hint: MHFL is not about "foreign foods;" it's about eating more of the right foods that people are already familiar with.)
  • The Best Of All Functional Foods document explaining how specific foods and ingredients can impact health and longevity
MHFL is a USDA My Plate Community Partner. MHFL has been engaged by several community groups to provide education and sampling of "evidence-based nutrition in healthcare."




In addition to impacting health and wellbeing, shifting to a Mediterranean-style of eating will also help improve our environment. If everyone made the switch from our prevalent meat-based diets to Mediterranean-style eating, it would produce the equivalent emissions reduction of removing 1 billion cars from the road. Such a dietary shift could also shift the annual distribution of 1 billion tons of grain currently being used to feed livestock to enable the feeding 3.5 billion people instead! (If you were suffering from hunger or malnutrition, wouldn't you want this to happen?)

Mediterranean Harvest For Life is an efficacious, cross cutting solution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals -- "17 Goals To Transform Our World." The SDGs that can be affected via MHFL include: enabling wellbeing (SDG 3.4); eradicating hunger (SDG 2); responsible consumption and production (SDG 12); and climate impacts (SDG 13). Plus a share of funds spent on qualifying MHFL items will be directed toward programs to eradicate poverty and hunger around the world (SDGs 1 and 2).