Get more enjoyment out of eating. Get more joy out of life. And get more life to live. Introducing Mediterranean Harvest For LifeŽ.

This dietary sensation blends great tasting foods with resources to help you switch to the healthiest possible style of eating.

Mediterranean Harvest For LifeŽ is a dietary regimen based on Mediterranean-style eating that's been proven to combat most major health problems: Alzheimer's disease; arteriosclerosis; asthma; birth defects; cancers; COPD; diabetes; heart attack; high blood pressure; high cholesterol; metabolic syndrome; obesity; Parkinson's disease; peptic ulcers; rheumatoid arthritis; stroke; and more. (Click here for our Research Summary of Chronic Illness Impacts.)


It's likely no other health strategy will produce as much benefit.

Affirmed by nutrition scientists, this eating style has been documented to extend life up to four years!  It's a "cradle-to-(keep-you-out-of-the)-grave" solution!

MHFL isn't foreign food. It's familiar food. We just shift from unhealthy diets laden with fats, sugars and processed foods to a menu made up of a higher percentage of good stuff.

... At MHFL, we combine the Mediterranean style of eating with a unique emphasis on low-calorie, high-nutrient, "High Octane" and extremely "Functional Foods". So you can feel full while controlling weight and get maximum health benefits from what you eat.

We also provide MHFL tools:  MHFL Trapezoid; Healthy Eating & Living Plan (HELP); Nutrition Facts; and MHFL League.
One final thought:  eating Mediterranean can help sustain the planet, too, according to global government leaders who now recognize meat consumption impacts our climate more than transportation and its dependence on fossil fuels.